Bunnies and Birds

Penne, one of our bun guests.

“When I booked a Christmas trip to Brazil my biggest concern was who’d take care of my little Igor (he’s a cockatiel). Melinda and her husband Claudius were just angels in our lives. It was Igor’s first time away from home and I got super anxious as birds are delicate creatures and you need to be patient. Melinda kept reassuring me and was just the best during the whole process. They sent me pics and videos of Igor every single day, and when we came back, after 20 days, Igor was flying around the house, sleeping on her shoulder and doing everything he does with me and my husband at home. I could not believe he was so comfortable around “strange” people. I am so glad I met them. I tottally recommend Melinda and Claudiu! “
~ Maria Salete, Winnipeg ~

Overnight Stay – $15/bunny/bird
Overnight Stay – $20/2 bunnies/2 birds (same family)

Some of the things that we will be enjoying together during your bunny’s stay: 

  • Lots of supervised cage free time to hop around and exercise.
  • Occasional treats and lots of healthy greens.
  • Snuggles, brushing and petting. 
  • Naps, movie nights, bunny massage.
  • Changing litter and cleaning enclosure area, hay and water refill throughout the day.

Home Visit
30 minute visit – $15
60 minute visit – $20

Some of the things that we will be enjoying together during your bird’s stay:

  • Lots of supervised cage free time to spread wings and exercise.
  • Occasional treats.
  • Snuggles and lots of attention. 
  • Wake up and turn down service.
  • Changing and cleaning enclosure area.

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∙ melinda@pikandpok.com
∙ (204) 918 3073

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